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Food & Drink

Dehumidification & Moisture Removal for the Food & Drink Industry

Food & Beverage processes holds our largest client base and the knowledge we have has been built over years of understanding processes and just how things get made.

All manner of processes within the field of food and beverage production can be affected adversely by high humidity and these include:

  • Chocolate pan coating
  • Stove drying
  • Mould and fungus developing, particularly on drying products
  • Meat curing
  • Clumping of materials
  • Bread cooling
  • Biscuit wafer drying
  • Cooling tunnel conditioning
  • Ice prevention
  • Salami production
  • Condensation on chilled drinks bottles, causing labels to peel off
  • Paper packaging breaking down and metal cans corroding if exposed to moisture
  • Depositing of jelly sweets
  • Starch drying
  • Sugar coating
  • Lower production rates
  • Spoilage and clumping during powder transportation (such as sugar, flour and salt)


At dehum, we have extensive experience within the food & beverage industry and our ability to analyse and innovate new and exciting technologies, to eliminate all of the issues highlighted above and many more, is virtually limitless.

Some examples include:

  • Dehumidification in the bread cooling field to avoid misshaped loaves and improve the appearance of the finished product.
  • Preventing dried fruit from clumping together, meaning they can be successfully weighed in a consistent manner, resulting in prefect breakfast cereals.
  • Eliminating condensation on chilled drinks bottles meaning that labels remain in place, in what is a very fast and accurate processing plant.
  • Stove drying of jelly and foam products has had a significant improvement on both production times and product quality. Better products are being manufactured quicker and with a lower final starch moisture content. The application of a dehum system has made the whole process far more cost effective, efficient and streamlined compared to the competition.
  • Starch used for the deposition of jelly sweets and similar products remains drier for longer, with the use of a dehum desiccant dehumidifier and recycling of the starch is simpler and more reliable.

We are proud to be working with an extensive list of global clients within this industry. The complete processes we have designed and implemented in the area of food production are wide and varied.  If there is an issue in your production processes, it is likely that we have seen it or something similar before, and can make recommendations based on our broad experience.

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Using our engineering expertise and skill base, we are able to design unique applications, based on calculated psychometrics, to achieve and maintain optimum relative humidity levels (RH%) or accelerating drying. 

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