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Commercial Dehumidifier Service & Maintenance

Commercial Dehumidifier Service & Maintenance

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At Dehum we offer a complete solution for our clients’ humidity control needs. There is nothing more important in this than the ongoing maintenance of the equipment. Approximately 80% of any 10-year costs linked with plant and equipment is running costs. Knowing this, the preventative maintenance and quick response times have become our focus in the service department.

The support we offer our clients:

  • Filter supply and changes
  • Equipment performance checks
  • Energy surveys
  • Parts supply and replacement
  • Critical spares on and off-site
  • Service and Maintenance contracts
  • Breakdown response

Filter supply and changes

Primary protection of the equipment is critical. However, Dehum and our equipment work in many different types of environments, from aseptic clean areas to powder handling systems and the environments themselves will dictate how often the filters require changing. We can support in supplying the filters required for the dehumidification system on a supply only basis or fitting as part of a routine service visit. As part of your Service Contract with us, our Engineers carry out an assessment of the environment the equipment is working in, as well as the condition the filters are in so we can modify your Contract to suit.

Equipment performance checks          

 Equipment performance checks of your dehumidification system will form part of your service contract. A simple visit to determine performance on an ad hoc basis can also be requested and easily booked. Our Engineers have the training, equipment, and software to support assessments of specific rotor performance, to report on all components of complete systems. A detailed survey/service report will be completed together with any recommendations appropriate to bring the equipment back to its original design.

Energy Survey  

Whilst our desiccant dehumidifiers have been proven to be the most energy efficient and effective form of humidity control we can’t account for other costs. General improvements in technology, advances in materials and often dramatic changes in utility costs, mean energy surveys can show quick returns on investments. As 80-90 % of 10-year life cycle cost of a piece of equipment is related to ongoing running and maintenance, Energy Surveys make a lot of sense. We have realized and proven savings of over 33% in connection with desiccant dehumidifiers, whilst maintaining or indeed improving performance. Changing the regeneration energy source can also reduce costs, often with capital paybacks in less than 9 months.

 Parts supply and replacements     

The team has over 21 years of experience of maintaining, servicing, repairing and supplying parts for desiccant dehumidifiers from all manufacturers. With this in-house knowledge, we can supply, repair, replace and install all components quickly, helping clients get equipment and production back online. Our regional stores and connections ensure your spare part is just one phone call away.

Critical spares on and off-site       

 It is inevitable that after many years of operation, parts for these machines will need changing. Having the required parts to hand and in stock reduces any downtime. We have comprehensive lists of critical parts for all desiccant dehumidifiers units and our Engineers will assess which will suit your needs. Typically, these will be kept on your site, but if space is at a premium, we have climate controlled stores at both regional locations where your parts can be kept safely.

Commercial Dehumidifier Service & Maintenance Contracts    

Dehumidifier Maintenance Graph        

We can fix your service price for 1, 3 or 5 years allowing longer-term planning in your business. Scheduling your visits across a number of years allows forward planning so your valuable time can be spent on other things. We provide analysis of every piece of equipment serviced, giving an accurate assessment of performance against original design and any recommendations for improvements to be made. Full reporting of your equipment allows us to provide preventative maintenance plans and schedule parts to be replaced before they fail in order to keep production running.

Breakdown response

 Breakdowns do happen even if we want to avoid them. Response time can prevent such a failure from becoming an expensive production issue, and the time it takes to respond is how we are measured. With an office based support staff, field service engineers and comprehensive stores, our aim is to support quickly. Keeping your production running is our aim.

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