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Heat Exchangers


Heat Exchanger – Energy Recovery System

Our unique Dehum Energy Recovery System (DERS) is a highly effective and low-cost way of reducing the heating loads on the treatment of regeneration air within all desiccant dehumidification units. The reduced heating load means reduced energy bills and carbon emissions.

DERS uses the exhaust air to pre-heat the incoming supply regeneration air, without the two air streams mixing. The box-like construction of the energy recovery is supplied with flanges that can be drilled through for connecting to adjacent ductwork or are suitable to be slid into an enclosure.


  • Pre-heating of incoming air for regeneration.
  • De-humidification of air streams.
  • Drying rooms/kilns heat recycle.
  • Oven Heat Recovery.
  • Combustion Air Pre-heating.
  • Spray Dryers

 Energy Recovery (DERS). Unique, Energy & Money Saving ROI Example.

This is a forecast, return on investment of attaching a heat exchanger to a dehumidification system.

The basic concept of the DERS is that energy (heat) which is lost to the outside is reused to pre-warm the supply air to the dehumidification system. This transfer of energy from the exhaust to the supply air reduces energy consumption as well as the equipment capacity needed to condition the outdoor air.

This is a real-life example of a unit supplied to a customer –

A standard desiccant unit uses roughly 90% of the total energy consumption on the regeneration heater. As detailed capacities of the existing equipment are known it is possible to calculate energy saving for the site based on the performance of the humidification unit when visited.

The average temperature of the air used for regeneration is circa 120oC which would be an accurate average throughout the year for the ON condition and the rejected air is calculated to be 67.5oC.

Average ambient conditions in the UK have been designed at 14oC to calculate average energy consumptions.

This equates to the following existing energy consumption:

Hourly use,      58.9kw

Daily loss,        714.6kw based on a 24-hour day

Annual loss,     315,120kw based on 7-day week and 52-week year

With the Dehum energy recovery solution, we can reclaim around 60% of the total lost energy and reuse this in the regeneration of the rotor.

This would reduce to the following:

Hourly use,      44.1kw

Daily use,         1058.4kw based on a 24-hour day

Annual use,      386,316kw based on 7-day week and 52-week year

So, the total energy savings to be realized are as follows:

Hourly saving,              14.8kw

Daily saving,                355.2kw based on a 24-hour day

Annual saving,             129,648kw

Estimated annual costs savings based on 12p per kW: £15,557.76

Bearing in mind that the savings from the heat exchanger pay for the unit itself in less than eight months, we believe it’s a fantastic energy saving as well as a money saving investment.

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